Cost of Appliances

Estimated Monthly Cost of Electrical Appliances
Comfort Conditioning
Air Conditioner1350300 $           19.20 
Central Air Conditioner****** *** 
2 Ton***1450 $           92.80 
3 Ton***2100 $         134.40 
4 Ton***2750 $         176.00 
Electric Blanket177*** .01/hr 
Water Bed350-500*** Varies 
Dehumidifier390*** .03/hr 
Whole House Fan370*** .03/hr 
Box Fan200*** .01/hr 
Heater-Portable1500*** .11/hr 
Heating Pad65*** .01/2 hrs 
Humidifier-Tabletop177*** .01/hr 
Vaporizer480*** .03/hr 
Electric Furnace 10 KW100002000-2500 $         160.00 
Electric Furnace 15 KW150003500-4000 $         256.00 
Electric Furnace 20 KW200004500-5000 $         320.00 
Electric Furnace 25 KW250005500-6000 $         384.00 
Food Preservation
Food Freezer - Manual Defrost
14 cu.ft.695*** .24/day 
18 cu.ft.580*** .29/day 
20 cu.ft.600*** .32/day 
24 cu.ft.640*** .37/day 
Food Freezer - Frostless
   14 cu.ft.695*** .39/day 
   18 cu.ft.750*** .41/day 
   20 cu.ft.790*** .43/day 
   24 cu.ft.845*** .45/day 
Refrigerator/Freezer - Manual Defrost
   14 cu.ft.585*** .20/day 
   18 cu.ft.630*** .27/day 
   20 cu.ft.650*** .28/day 
Refrigerator/Freezer - Frostless
   14 cu.ft.670*** .32/day 
   18 cu.ft.720*** .37/day 
   20 cu.ft.720*** .40/day 
   24 cu.ft.810*** .45/day 
Health & Beauty
Blowdryer1200*** .02/15 min 
Hair Rollers350*** .01/30 min 
Heat Lamp - Infrared250*** .02/hr 
Razor - Electric14*** .03/year 
Curling Iron30*** .19/year 
Home Entertainment
Television110*** .04/day 
VCR25*** .01/6 hrs 
Stereo16*** .01/10 hrs 
CD Player10*** .01/15 hrs 
Video Game Units17*** .01/10 hrs 
DSS Satelllite Receiver24*** .01/8 hrs 
Wall Clock4*** .05/month 
Sewing Machine175*** .01/hr 
Vacuum Cleaner1300*** .09/hr 
Central Vacuum1440*** .10/hr 
Clothes Dryer5500*** .27/load 
Iron1008*** .07/hr 
Washing Machine512*** .02/load 
Water Heater4500*** .945/day 
Kitchen Appliances
Blender386*** .03/hr 
Broiler - Portable1436*** .10/hr 
Can Opener100*** .01/hr 
Carving Knife92*** .01/hr 
Coffee Maker894*** .01/pot 
Popcorn Popper575*** .04/hr 
Deep Fryer1448*** .11/hr 
Dishwasher1201*** .07/load 
Garbage Disposal700*** .01/day 
Frying Pan1196*** .08/day 
Hot Plate1257*** .09/day 
Microwave Oven1450*** .11/hr 
Mixer127*** .01/hr 
Range w/Oven12000*** .22/day 
Range w/Self-Cleaning Oven13700*** .23/day 
Oven (Cleaning Cycle)****** .35/cycle 
Roaster1333*** .09/hr 
Electric Grill1580*** .11/hr 
Toaster1146*** .01/4 servings 
Trash Compactor800*** .01/load 
Waffle Iron1116*** .01/3 waffles 
Electric Smoker1500*** .11/hr 
Bread Maker675*** .05/hr 
Garage Door Opener800*** .63/month 
Garden Tools
Edger190*** .01/hr 
Hedge Trimmer265*** .02/hr 
Lawnmower Cordless (Charge Only)40*** .07/day 
Lawnmower - Electric561*** .04/hr 
Weed Eater300*** .02/hr 
Home Office
Computer450*** .03/hr 
Fax Machine105*** .01/hr 
Laser Printer350*** .02/hr 
Ink Jet Printer150*** .01/hr 
KW = 1000 Watts
Use 1000 Watts one hour = 1 kWh on Meter
All computations based on a 7 cents per kilowatt hour electric rate. Estimated
kWhs are based on average estimated consumption of electric home appliances.
Computations based on local data or information provided by the Electrical
Energy Association.